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Indianapolis Lawyer Dedicated to Helping Accident Victims

Steve Willsey, Attorney at Law, has represented numerous victims of car crashes and other preventable accidents in the Indianapolis area since 1983. A sole practitioner who is 100% devoted to those who have suffered injuries or wrongful death due to others’ negligent conduct, Steve personally handles each case because he understands that each client deserves his full attention.

In addition to receiving the prestigious “AV-Preeminent” Martindale-Hubbell rating from his peers, Steve has also been recognized by “Best Lawyers in America” and is a member of the “Million Dollar Advocates Forum.” He does not simply accept whatever amount an insurance company offers to an accident victim. His willingness to see cases through to trial when necessary has sometimes resulted in jury verdicts as high as $5 million.

Steve has two staff-members who help him in asserting the rights of accident victims:


Kelli, Steve's daughter, graduated with top honors from Ivy Tech in Paralegal Studies. Kelli displays exceptional knowledge and skill of navigating personal injury claims, in both a pre-litigation and litigation setting. Kelli truly cares for each and every client served at Willsey Law. When she isn't at work, she enjoys spending time with her sweet daughter and fur-babies. 


Kaley is the newest addition to Willsey Law. She came from a nationally known high-volume law firm, where she managed 80+ personal injury claims at any given time. Kaley exhibits a sincere desire to obtain justice for Steve's clients and carries a service centric mindset for each case. She is a U.S. Department of State YES Abroad alumni and enjoys travelling, home renovation, and writing in her free-time.

Pursuing Damages through a Negligence Claim

Steve Willsey’s exclusive focus on personal injury means that he is exceptionally familiar with the nuances of negligence law, which covers cases arising from someone’s failure to do what was reasonably prudent under the circumstances. The four elements of negligence – duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages – are the building blocks upon which most types of personal injury lawsuits are based.

In motor vehicle accident cases, for example, the appropriate duty is determined by what a reasonable person would have done in the defendant’s position when facing the same situation. This usually means obeying traffic rules and behaving in a way that refrains from posing foreseeable risks of harm to others. 

After it has been proven that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty and that the defendant breached that duty with some careless conduct, the remaining steps of a negligence case are proving that the plaintiff’s harm was proximately caused by the defendant’s breach of duty and that the plaintiff suffered actual damages. This means that the accident was a direct, foreseeable result of the defendant’s negligence, and that the costs and losses that arose from it are reasonably quantifiable rather than speculative. Damages may include not only objective costs, such as property damage, lost wages, and hospital bills, but also items that may be harder to calculate, such as future medical expenses and pain and suffering.

In situations when both the defendant and the plaintiff contributed to an accident, the rule of comparative fault reduces the plaintiff’s compensation award in proportion to his or her fault, up to 50%. If a plaintiff is found to be 51% or more at fault, he or she does not recover anything.

There is a strict statute of limitations in Indiana for filing personal injury claims, which in most cases is two years. After that period has expired, a victim is generally barred from seeking compensation. If you were injured as a result of someone else's negligence, you should reach out to an Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney immediately to ensure your statute of limitations is preserved. 

Consult an Injury Attorney in Indianapolis to Protect Your Rights

People who have been hurt in a truck accident in Indianapolis or elsewhere in Indiana may need to enlist a lawyer to explore their options. You can contact the law firm of Steve Willsey to set up a free consultation by calling 317-783-2500 or completing our online form. We will be glad to secure a copy of the police report from your car accident case at no charge, and we do not charge our clients for negotiating property damage settlements for the loss of a vehicle. 

To make sure that we are available to our clients 24/7, we offer weekend appointments and home or hospital visits if necessary. We serve accident victims throughout Indiana, including in Shelby, Johnson, Marion, and Morgan Counties.