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Injuries to Passengers and Children

Indianapolis Passenger Injuries Attorney

If you were a passenger or had a child that was in a vehicle involved in an accident where injuries were sustained, you are entitled to receive compensation. As a passenger, you have a claim against the driver of the vehicle you were riding in, as well as the drivers of any other vehicles involved in the crash. My name is Steve Willsey, and for over two decades I have been representing passengers and children in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area that have been injured and need legal assistance.

Contact my office by phone at 317-783-2500 to arrange for your free initial consultation.

Indiana Passenger Injuries Lawyer

If you were a passenger in an accident or are the parent of a child who was in an accident, it is important that you obtain all the necessary information at the scene of the accident. In these cases it is urgent that measures be taken quickly to preserve evidence, to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, and to ensure you or your child receive the medical care you need to recover from your injuries. You or your child will generally not be at fault for causing an accident unless something was done intentionally to cause the accident. Typically, immediate family members are protected from a lawsuit unless there was gross negligence on their part.

I assist passengers and children with their accident and injury legal claims in many areas, including the following:

Experience At Work For You

I have been helping passengers and children who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident since 1983. Contact my office by phone at 317-783-2500 to arrange for your free initial consultation and find out how I can help you protect your legal rights and receive the compensation you or your child deserver for your injuries. I am available seven days a week and will meet you anytime and anywhere.